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Volunteer-led. Nonprofit.

Inspired by Faith

Al-Maa’uun is housed in Masjid An-Nur, a multi-ethnic Islamic community serving the Twin Cities area.

Al-Maa'uun is dedicated to:

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A Recovery Community service provider, Al- Maa'uun is a 501(c3) Nonprofit
Organization servicing the Metro area since 2009. Our mission is to alleviate
the ill effects of Substance Abuse w
hich leads to poverty and oppression
within Black and communities of color through direct service, advocacy, and

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate poverty and oppression within black and communities of color in North Minneapolis and surrounding areas through direct service and advocacy.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading service provider and thought leader on issues surrounding poverty and oppression in the Twin Cities metro communities and beyond.

Our Programs
Recovery is based on the principle that “you must become the expert of your
healing and recovery by becoming an expert of self. Our program takes a whole
person or holistic approach to recovery. We provide state Certified Peer
Recovery Specialists (CPRS) to help with setting recovery goals. We have
group events like Healing Circles, workshops, and free gym memberships with
transportation. We also offer a culture specific 12 Step program through the
Islami Millati 12 step book and (AA/NA) meetings. We are here to support the
men and women who have chosen sobriety over usage.

Our Belief
Recovery should be seen with the capacities and understandings of what a
person knows of themselves and that they have the capability to recover.
Learning what one needs, a person can focus and plan their recovery and move
towards wellness.

Our Partners







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